Student Interest Groups:


monterix_logoM.A.R.T is a student run co-operative store on campus which provides basic necessities. The team members continuously work towards procurement of items, inventory management and managing accounts on a regular basis despite the grueling course schedule. Also, to be involved in social causes, M.A.R.T contributes to the initiatives organized by Samaritans.


monterix_logoInfinite Pounces is the quizzing club of MDI Gurgaon. It brings together a bunch of people who try and inculcate the quizzing culture at MDI by organizing quizzes almost every week. This past year, Infinite Pounces organized quizzes on a plethora of topics, like Business, Technology, Sports, Literature, Movies and India. We were fortunate enough that even some of the alums turned up for a few of the quizzes. At Imperium, we hosted two events, the General quiz and the SPENT quiz; both witnessing huge participation from working professionals and students.


monterix_logoFocus is primarily a SIG, with an aim of collective learning. We are a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs who want to learn more on photography and video making. Apart from the regular photo sharing of our individual escapades, we also cover most of the events (official and unofficial) that happen in the campus. In addition to it, there are photography trips to nearby places that are coordinated to accomplish the dual benefits of travelling and also learning some new photography tricks. We believe that photography is not about cameras, gadgets or gizmos; Photography is about photographers.


monterix_logoHave a voice, speak out, and bring your words to the table. From political to social, from economics to technology-if there is a brewing issue, we will take it up. Vagmi is MDI's literary society, an SIG that is committed towards developing the art of writing, public speaking and debating in students.

There is an orator in each one of us, there is a writer in each one of us, we all love to express, and we at Vagmi help you explore it. Vagmi's activities include but are not limited to debating and writing competitions, but are so much more than that. They’re about expressing yourself; they’re about being “YOU”.

Vagmi is about expression and creation, we are about ideas and thoughts, and we are about the words which are on your tongue, on your paper and most importantly in your mind.