Activity Clubs


monterix_logo“All work and no play doesn't just make Jill and Jack dull, it kills the potential of discovery, mastery, and openness to change”

Never has a statement had more relevance than this one has, in a B-school. Life at a B-school is tough. Assignments, projects and what not aim at sapping the life out of each and every one of us. Sometimes, we all just want to sit back and relax. Pick up a guitar and hum our own tune. Dance to our own beat or stand in the middle of a classroom and yell out old Amitabh Bachchan dialogues. Sanskriti is the embodiment of this sentiment. It is nurtured through every activity of Sanskriti, be it conducting music or dance workshops, celebrating different festivals, showcasing talent in national level competitions, organizing Akshayam (the sports-cultural extravaganza) & Aarohan (the Mandevian engagement week) or keeping the MDI tradition alive through Soul-Kitchens.

Amidst the daily hustle bustle, Sanskriti, the Cultural club is undoubtedly the most active club on campus. The club is broadly made up of four verticals: (1) the Core Team or the Judgaadus: in charge of all events and activities on campus, (2) Mukhautey: the drama team, (3) Mandolins: the music team and (4) Soul to Sole: the dance team. The goal of this club is simple: to provide a stage to all, novice or veteran, to voice themselves, in any language of their choice: music, dance or drama. We try to keep the Mandevian spirit alive, while also putting up those sweet little some things, that you would remember when you look back to your days on campus.


monterix_logoSportsCom comprises of a group of passionate and highly competitive individuals, who are willing to strain every sinew to emerge victorious on the field. If you think this is none of your business because you have never kicked a ball, you are absolutely wrong. It's Sports Com who gives you your best moments at MDI. Starting from friendly banters during intra MDI events to lifelong bragging rights over the country's best B-Schools, we are everywhere. We believe the journey is more beautiful than the destination. Get ready, be a sport, the journey is about to begin!


monterix_logoHostel and Mess Committee works to improve the day to day life of the students at hostels. We are responsible for hostel infrastructure, proper working of mess, deciding and negotiating mess menu, etc. We act as a bridge between students and administration and work in collaboration with hostel office to make the lives of students comfortable. We also collaborate with other colleges to provide accommodation to our fellow mates during summer internship.

We look after hostel room allotment for first as well as second year and keep track of postal and online delivery services at hostels. For all hostel emergencies, we are there to help our batch mates.


monterix_logoSamaritans is the social initiatives club of MDI Gurgaon. The vision of the club is to Harness the Management acumen of Mandevians in making a difference to the society. Through our initiatives we intend to nurture a sense of Social Responsibility amongst budding managers.

ARAMBH (Startup MDI)

monterix_logoArambh, pledges to take the Entrepreneurial Culture at MDI to new heights aiming at manifesting the latent spirit of the young. In its ambition of spreading the culture of Entrepreneurship, Arambh was unveiled in August, 2013. Dedicated efforts have been put into till date in order to do justice with its mission and vision. Arambh has invited several eminent speakers/Entrepreneurs to share their experience with the students of MDI. Arambh successfully hosted Zee Business Gen Next Budget Startup Conclave and roped in founders and CXOs of startups for student interactions. The club’s core belief is in making an environment where people learn from experiences of others and seek help, if needed, in fulfilling their dreams. It currently houses 3 startups while being dedicated towards incubating many more in the coming years and realize its mission: “Startup MDI”.


monterix_logoThe Web Committee is in charge of seamlessly integrating technology into the life of a common Mandevian. We do this through several ways like The Mandevian Mail, DC++ (in process), (in process), VidyaSagar (academic repository), and movies and match screenings to keep you away from the banality of studies.