About seventy nationally and internationally acclaimed full-time faculty is one of the strongest asset of MDI. The academic community brings extensive teaching, research, training and industry experience to offer comprehensive business education.

Business Communications

MDI is one of the few business schools in India to have a full fledged Area of Business Communications. The faculty brings to the Area a judicious mix of industry and academic experience. The Area adopts a hands-on pedagogy to develop communication skills of managers and students alike and is extensively involved in Corporate training. It conducts personalized workshops for several Companies.


Economic theory and practice constitutes the underlying basis of intra and inter disciplinary learning. Such a perspective encourages application of the concepts and theoretical framework at the macro and micro economic activity level. The field of study includes economic policy formulation, implementation and evaluation, sectoral studies, international economics among others. The Economics area is also focusing on the School of Energy Management and the Centre for Corporate Governance.


The Finance Area is strongly committed to build-up financial expertise and know-how through two-way approach of Industry-Institute Interface and Research Collaborative Forum. One thrust area is to develop strong industry linkages and provide necessary exposure to industry practices and second, to strengthen the research in the area of finance at MDI.

Human Behaviour And Organisational Development

The Vision is to build an area known for its seminal contribution in the area of (a) knowledge creation through research; (b) knowledge dissemination through teaching and training and (c) application through consulting. The mission of the area is to groom thought and action leaders capable of looking within, looking around and looking beyond for managing institutions and organizations, with the focus on larger contribution to socioeconomic transformation.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management area at the Institute has been playing a catalytic role in the development of HR profession through networking with academic institutions and the Industry. There has been active representation of area members in International and National HRM conferences at USA, Europe, Africa and India. The area has number of visiting Professors to various business schools in Europe & other countries.

Information Management

Information Management area is broadly concerned with the management and use of information and associated IT in an organizational context. The mission of the area is to provide leadership and education in the successful management and use of information and relevant information technology to achieve business excellence. Consequently the focus of the area is on management of information and information systems rather than on information technology.


The Marketing Area at MDI is keenly devoted to enhancing knowledge and skills of the marketing professionals by assimilating the latest advancements in the marketing theory with the best practices and tools used by the practitioner. The activities are aimed at helping young professionals and business organizations to deliver a superior customer value.

Operations Management

The Operations Management area is involved in teaching, training, consultancy and research in areas pertaining to the operations of manufacturing and service organizations. The courses deal with planning, design & control of the related systems that would lead to higher efficiency and productivity. In recent years, the faculty members of this area have published several books and articles in related topics.

Public Policy & Corporate Law

The Human Behaviour And Organisational Development Area Faculty is actively engaged in facilitating public policy formulation, analysis and implementation. The Faculty takes up courses which enhance the sensibility and capability of the participants to better manage the public policy programmes and systems as well as to make them understand the global trends and practices in these areas to allow exploration of innovative options and choices.

Strategic Management

The Strategic Management Area Faculty specializes in strategic analysis and competitive analysis of firms in framing global and innovative strategies. The courses deal with entrepreneurship, cross cultural management, joint ventures and international business and merger and acquisitions.